Meet the RA29

Here she is, the RetroFIX 1976 RA29 Toyota Celica Liftback GT. It’s the oldest, but most recent vehicle added to the shop. Still wearing the rust it was found with, minus a rear bumper and the Appliance faux wire wheels.

I acquired the car from a very eccentric car collector… a good ol’ boy that has over 80 vehicles in his collection, not including miscellaneous scooters and one-off conversion vans. He purchased the Celica at auction and then moved it to his “off-site” storage grounds, where the Texas sun baked it for a few years.

This is exactly where she sat when I first laid eyes on her. I was surprised to see that the car was entirely complete, only missing a couple of pieces of that bump guard trim. There was even enough air in the tires to push her forward past the surrounding vehicles…

…and hook up a tow strap to pull her out backwards.

My collector friend was running late and, after we loaded the Celica on the trailer, he told me he didn’t have time to look for the title. Then he pulled from his truck a firesafe, completely full of clean titles for each of his 80+ vehicles. I was absolutely amazed, since the majority of people on Craigslist can’t seem to keep track of just one title.

All loaded up, energy drink in hand, we headed back to the shop…

…giving the s10 a chance to stretch its legs..

..and bring the latest project back to RetroFIX.

Here’s a cell phone video backing the RA29 off the trailer and into its new home.


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